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Leading Indian manufacturer and exporter of Dehydrated and Spray - Dried ingredients for food industry.

Takes pride in introducing ourselves as a fast growing company which deals in manufacturing of dehydrated products, dehydrated/dried leaves and powder,spray-dried ingredients and trading of Spices. Taking inspiration for the Spices, we decided to serve people a different quality through our efforts. The production process is effectively streamlined timely delivery, product uniformity and quality management.

Aayush Food & Ingredients has been manufacturing dehydrated products and spray-dried ingredients to the food industry since 2012 and we are one of the India’s most trusted manufacturer and exporter. Paramount of our company is customer/client’s satisfaction. Spices are purchased from selected quality suppliers in the country of origin. Since 2012, we provide you a vast range of variety that can add flavours to different types of eatables.

Quality is always of utmost importance at AAYUSH FOOD & INGREDIENTS.

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Minimum Order

Upon request, we will provide to you our offer based on destination.
Minimum order shall be 100 Kg net weight per shipment.

Availability of Products

Some products might be not available and depending upon seasonable availability.


The final packagings are:
20/25 KGS for dehydrated products, 20 KGS for spray-dried products and 10 KGS for dried leaves. Please always indicate your requested Packing specifications upon ordering. Special Packing isupon your request and subject to confirmation.

Lead Time

7 – 10 days from the receipt of buyers purchase order.